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Women's Self Defense Training

JOIN several women just like you for a class that was developed to give you the upper edge against any attacker. We cover real world street survival techniques including; survival mindset, situational awareness, and easy to learn but very effective hand to hand techniques for women plus much more. 
  • How to effectively respond to a personal attack.
  • Situational Awareness and the Gift of Fear.
  • Safety Tips for Protecting Children.
  • What to do if someone is trying to rob you or steal your purse.
  • How to recognize signs of Stalkers and Abusers.
  • Methods for dealing with Stalkers and Abusers.
  • What to do if you're being followed.
  • Safety Tips & Considerations for being alone at your residence .
  • Less Lethal options such as Tasers, O.C Pepper Spray and alternatives.
  • Simple, Realistic hand to hand escape techniques to avoid being a victim or kidnapped into a vehicle.
  • Detailed explanation for Why women especially should never allow for a secondary crime scene.
  • Plus the ability to ask any personal question or situations you're facing to a Law Enforcement Professional

"The Body Can't Go Where The Mind Hasn't Been"

Capability Increases Survival & Reduces Fear!!

Offensive and Defensive survival techniques against violent and deadly attacks.
Beyond the physical techniques, Women Empowered also reinforces awareness principles, risk assessment, and verbal and psychological strategies a woman can use to set safe boundaries with others – even if the perpetrator is someone she knows. At the core of this mindset is the belief that we are worth defending!
Details: Republic Class
  • March 26th
  • 5:30-9:30 PM.
  • Class held at Shield Force Training Center,  108 W. State highway 174 Republic Missouri
  • Cost: $40.00 per person (MUST REGISTER) 
Details: Private Classes
  • TBD January 2020
  • We will teach this class on a private basis to your family, friends, or group/orginization. Contact us for more information and scheduling.