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Law Enforcement Training

Shield Force is very proud to offer an extensive line of training classes for the Law Enforcement community. All of our courses are Missouri POST approved to provide Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) to meet the annual requirement of licensed Peace Officers. SFI is very passionate about the Law Enforcement community as our instructors have spent their entire adult lives serving citizens of their community and wearing a badge to protect and serve.   
Law Enforcement Training

The rate of deadly assaults against Law Enforcement are at a record high. Officers nationwide are being ambushed spontaneously and pre-planned. Attend this seminar to learn the most valuable lessons that WILL help you survive! This class will review the recent attacks in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Phoenix, and several other ambush cases.

Negotiation for First Responderes

This course was specifically designed for the true first responding officers who arrive on scene and need to immediately deploy deescalation techniques and negotiate. Statistics prove most conflicts are resolved before the Detectives or "true Negotiator" arrives on scene. 

Dealing with mentally ill

"Lawful but Awful". We all see an increase in contacts with mentally ill patients or those under the influence of narcotics causing them to act abnormally. This class is focused on thinking outside of the box, and new practices for dealing with the mentally ill, while being effective, and surviving physically, and also the aftermath media and law suits that often follow these incidents.

Firearms training and qualifications

SFI provides practical gunfighter training for Law Enforcement. We train on all platforms including, handgun, semi-auto rifles, shotguns, and precision rifle. 

We also provide a basic qualification service to those needing to meet the minimum standards for POST. 

Defensive Tactics and Survival

SFI has combined years of experiences and multiple different programs to create a Defensive Tactics program. We utilize the best techniques from each, that we know from experience work and have been proven over time. This techniques are from the following: Gracie Survival Tactics, CONTROLLED FORCE, CLAMP, GRASP, PPCT, and several other martial art disciplines. 

Racial Profiling

This course meets the Missouri POST requirement for Racial Profiling. We keep this course up to date and aim to add new material so it won't be the same class you've already had 5 times.