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Shield Force is very proud to offer an extensive line of training classes for the Law Enforcement community. All of our courses are Missouri POST approved to provide Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) to meet the annual requirement of licensed Peace Officers. SFI is very passionate about the Law Enforcement community as our instructors have spent their entire adult lives serving citizens of their community and wearing a badge to protect and serve. Our goal of course is "No Victims Here" and that means everyone makes it home at night!!   

Our #1 Training Program!

The rate of deadly assaults against Law Enforcement are at a record high. Officers nationwide are being ambushed spontaneously and pre-planned. Attend this seminar to learn the most valuable lessons that WILL help you survive! This class will review the recent attacks in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Phoenix, and several other ambush cases.

Firearms training and qualifications

SFI provides practical gunfighter training for Law Enforcement. We train on all platforms including, handgun, semi-auto rifles, shotguns, and precision rifle. 

We also provide a basic qualification service to those needing to meet the minimum standards for POST. 

Traffic Enforcement

This class is taught by a certified RADAR and LIDAR Expert who has extensive experience and knowledge working Traffic Enforcement. This course covers the proper use of speed enforcement devices, methods to reduce problem areas, tips for working Accidents, and Legal Update and Traffic Law Information.

Less Lethal & Impact Munitions

Our training includes proper product selection, operational guidelines, tactics, deployment considerations, as well as first aid, safety and decontamination. Upon completion of this class the officer will be Certified on the Use of Less Lethal Impact munitions (Bean Bags).

Discover the driving forces and reasons behind people's actions and behavior. This course focuses on transformational leadership, social and emotional intelligence and how to effectively influence those you work with to ultimately stimulate growth within your orginization!

Defensive Tactics and Survival

SFI has combined years of experiences and multiple different programs to create our own Defensive Tactics program, Shield Force Control Techniques (SFCT). We utilize the best techniques from each, that we know from experience work and have been proven over time. This techniques are from the following: Gracie Survival Tactics, CONTROLLED FORCE, CLAMP, GRASP, PPCT, and several other martial art disciplines. 

Traffic Stop Training

This course is excellent for newer Officers to the seasoned veterans. We teach advanced and strategic techniques to increase Officer Safety, communication to advance beyond the ticket, techniques for removing a resistant suspect from a vehicle, AND searching tips to easily locate contraband. 

TASER Certification

This class provides the Officer with a TASER certification or re-certification. We can supply the cartridges and targets. As a bonus, we also cover contemporary TASER strategies and best practices not typically covered within the certification requirements. 

Dealing with mental illness

"Lawful but Awful". We all see an increase in contacts with mentally ill patients or those under the influence of narcotics causing them to act abnormally. This class is focused on thinking outside of the box, and new practices for dealing with the mentally ill, while being effective, and surviving physically, and also the aftermath media and law suits that often follow these incidents.

Racial Profiling
Beyond the Citation

Looking beyond the citation is a strategy to encourage officers to think about each traffic stop as a new opportunity to not only make the roads and streets safer but possibly to discover a more serious traffic offense or criminal activity. This strategy helps overcome the bias that traffic enforcement is routine. It is also a method to assist patrol officers to think and look "outside-the-box", and make the most of limited resources. 

Roadside Interviews, Drug Interdiction, Vehicle Searches, Case Law, Drug Recognition and safety.

Interview & Interrogation

This class was developed by an Expert Police Detective with years of experience Interviewing and Interrogating suspects. This curriculum combines several of the most popular Police Interview schools into ONE class, giving you the very BEST options that have proven to work time and time again! This is one of our very best offerings you won't want to miss out on! 

Edged Weapons

Statistics show Officers are commonly assaulted with edged weapons. This type of assault can prove to be very deadly as our Body Armor typically doesn't offer protection against these attacks. Join us to learn SIMPLE, and EFFECTIVE techniques that don't require months of practice to be proficient. You'll get cut, but with training you WILL SURVIVE!

Reserve Officer 24 hour POST academy

We have specifically designed a fast lane course for Reserve Officers and those who simply wish to complete the minimum requirements to meet Missouri POST standards without spending any excess time. Make no mistake, this is the most cutting edge contemporary Police training available. Join us for all 24 hours or just select classes. 
These classes will typically be held on weeknight evenings, and weekends. 
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  • Firearms Qualification & Skill Development

  • Legal Update and Contemporary Use of Force

  • Dealing with Mental Illness and force options

  • Racial Profiling

  • Tactical Negotiations for the true first responder

  • Plus many more unique courses....

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