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Do you want to learn what to do when trouble finds you? Do you know how to respond when someone is breaking into your house?  Or trying to harm you or your family? Then this is the course for you to receive immediate steps to take that will keep you safer! 


I have spent over 15 years learning and training myself so that I wouldn't ever have to be a good little victim. So when evil, violent people try to take advantage of me or my family I would know what to do and have the skills to protect and defend. 

I have spent the last decade serving in Law Enforcement where I have seen first hand what criminals do, how they select their victims, and more importantly what things STOPPED criminals! 

I have attended hundreds of training classes, and possess dozens of instructor certifications to teach. Since founding Shield Force International I have trained over 4,000 students on Security and Self Defense! I train Police Officers, Church Security, School Teachers, Business Clients and Civilians.

I have taken the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities I've learned from 15 years and condensed that into a 4 hour program that has the ESSENTIALS that I believe every single adult should know and possess to survive these violent uncertain times we live in! 

3 Characteristics of a warrior

1. Willingness 2. Aggressiveness 3. Decisiveness...

Hesitation and Indecision Will Get You Killed!

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