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Hand to Hand Combat

Fighting Skills

Shield Force offers a full line of defensive and survival training to everyone. We have recognized the extreme increase of violence taking place everyday in America leaving many victims behind. Not anymore, Shield Force is taking a stance with a strong motto "NO VICTIMS HERE". We teach to WIN, we teach to SURVIVE, we teach to GO HOME to your family, we teach CONFIDENCE, CAPABILITY, HUMILITY. Our instructors have a strong passion to serve people and help them grow. We offer a friendly training environment that welcomes all who want to grow and better themselves. Join us for a class today or schedule Private 1 on 1 Training!! Take the pledge, "NO VICTIMS HERE"
We teach real life survival techniques taken from a variety of martial art disciplines. First you have learn to fight with your mind! The hands and feet are just extensions of your will. We begin by teaching a solid survival mindset that acts as a foundation to everything else. Schedule a private 1 on 1 training session with one of our instructors for $25.00 an hour. 417-233-1338