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Civilian Defense Training

Shield Force is excited to offer a full line of defensive and survival training to everyone. We have recognized the extreme increase of violence taking place everyday in America leaving many victims behind. Not anymore, Shield Force is taking a stance with a strong motto "NO VICTIMS HERE". We teach to WIN, we teach to SURVIVE, we teach to GO HOME to your family, we teach CONFIDENCE, CAPABILITY, HUMILITY. Our instructors have a strong passion to serve people and help them grow. We offer a friendly training environment that welcomes all who want to grow and better themselves. Join us for a class today!! Take the pledge, "NO VICTIMS HERE"
Hand to Hand Combat

We teach a combination of techniques from several disciplines that have been proven to work in real life street fighting scenarios. We don't teach point fighting for the ring, we teach survival. We understand the challenge of being able to equip an individual with skills and ability to survive a street encounter with minimal training time. 

Tactical Firearms

SFI offers a complete line of Firearms classes that starts at the fundamentals and increases to real life shooting and moving techniques. We often bring in well known instructors from outside areas to host their training class also. 

Tactical Pistol

Self Loading Rifle (AR15 style)


and Precision Rifle

Women's Personal Defense

Join several women just like you for a class that was developed to give you the upper edge against any attacker. We cover survival mindset, situational awareness, and easy to learn but very effective, realistic, techniques for women.

Edged Weapons

This class was designed for the person who carries a folding knife daily to respond to an assault on his or her person. We teach proven, realistic techniques including unarmed defense that provide a reasonable degree of protection to the user.

Gun Law Seminar

Every event features experienced attorneys and law enforcement professionals that explain basic firearms laws every gun owner should know such as the Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground and Make My Day laws, what to expect when law enforcement arrives, the law of Search and Seizure, gun owners’ liability under civil laws, and much more. We also stay current on current events and topics relevant to gun owners today such as Missouri's new constitutional carry bill that was passed. 

Join us today for a FREE seminar on January 12th in Republic Missouri. Click the link to Register to hold your seat. Seminars fill up extremely quick. 

Here at SFI we understand the most important thing in our lives should be God, followed by our Family. That often times involves children and they are our most precious responsibility. We have designed a 4 hour class to teach children; Situational Awareness, How to Identify Potential threats and predators, How to avoid situations with perpetrators, and techniques to break free from abductors.   

Children Safety & Kidnap Prevention

Does your family have a plan during times of natural or man made disasters? Are they individually prepared and trained to deal with situations that arise from these times? 

Join us for a complete tailored class for your entire family. We will evaluate your current skills and build from there. This includes personal hand to hand skills, firearms, planning, communications, survival gear, hiking and camping, strategies and much more.