We offer contemporary, cutting-edge training you can depend your life on!

Shield Force provides professional training to Law Enforcement, Churches, Schools, Civilians and the Corporate world of businesses.

"Training is a journey, not a destination"

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Our Services


Shield Force specializes in understanding what works in the Church environment to reduce Disturbances, Injuries, Law Suits, Loss of Property, and Loss of life.


Nothing is more precious than the gift of life and protecting our families. SFI offers defensive survival training to law abiding citizens.


We offer an extensive line of Tactical & Leadership training across the United States, providing the most contemporary training available to our heros to ensure everyone makes it home!

Shield Force provides protection services to individuals, businesses, churches, and all types of events.

Let us protect what matters most! 


Serving community businesses and helping them prepare for emergency situations like; Active Shooter Response, Domestic Violence Spillover, High Risk Terminations, and Written Planning

We proudly serve school teachers and staff with a comprehensive training program in response to Active Shooters and Safety Awareness Principals.

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Ambush Survival

5 of us were with you yesterday at Ambush Survival. 
We are all still talking about your presentation.  All have agreed..... best we've ever been to. And 4 of us here are 20 plus veterans. 

Firearms Training

After his course, I left confident in my firearm and my ability to protect and defend my family and other innocent people if the situation occurred. - Thanks Shield Force!

Private Sector

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Matt Coombes is one of those guys who cares about people and knows how to train them to be prepared to protect themselves. He offers quality training with knowledge and experience.

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